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Jeanne Carley's 1995 edition of The Ferret Calendar was the first to celebrate this popular little pet. Jeanne's unique imagination and commitment to her product set a standard for ferret photography that is unparalleled, and she captivated an extremely dedicated fan base.

"Any product, service, or company for which people believe there is no substitute," is a charismatic brand according to Marty Neumeier in his definitive book on branding, The Brand Gap. Reviews (on, letters and e-mails about Jeanne's work (see below) affirm the charisma of Jeanne Carley's brand, making her one of the few branded pet photographers.

By clicking on the calendar years you can see the breadth of Jeanne's work, the quality of her photography, and her amazing story-telling ability. You can also see what else sets her apart — the priceless expressions she captures on the faces of her tiny stars. Jeanne's ferret images can also be seen on dozens of greeting cards licensed by Andrews McMeel Publishing.

If your company is interested in licensing Jeanne's work e-mail her at:

"I was given two copies of a ferret calendar last year and they just couldn't hold a candle to the one you do! No one does it better! No one! Thank you for that, and please don't ever stop!
"Carol R.

"I have bought this calendar every year for the past four years and it is truly the best ferret calendar available on the market. Jeanne's skill in photographing ferrets is unsurpassed."
Ron C.

"Jeanne Carley has once again created a fun calendar with a cast of adorable ferrets. I purchased my first calendar because I am a ferret lover, but I keep coming back for the excellent and clever photography."
Brandon B.

"I have purchased every one of the calendars put out by Jeanne Carley. She's the Anne Geddes of ferrets. I keep wondering, how does she get them to do that?"
Barbara M.

"I look forward to the Jeanne's Ferret Calendar every year. Always anticipating what the theme will be this time. I think the photography is excellent, and the ideas are brilliant! The best quality! I am never disappointed!"
Stephanie A.